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Preferred Components, Inc

2.4 DOHC 16V Chrysler Timing Belt KIT
Mechanical conversion package

TS26265M -PCI

VIN 'S' Chrysler cars 2.4 (SRT-4 2003 - 05)
VIN 'X' Chrysler cars 2.4 (Sebring, Stratus Sedan 2003 -06)
VIN 'B' Chrysler trucks 2.4 (PT Cruiser 2003 - 08)
VIN 'B' Chrysler trucks 2.4 (Voyager 2003 only)
VIN 'G' Chrysler trucks 2.4 (PT Cruiser GT 2003 - 07)
Aftermarket replacement timing belt and tensioner conversion package to replace the original hydraulic tensioning system installed on "some" of the above engines. From Preferred Components.
Note: removal of the engine plate and sprockets is required.

This conversion kit WILL NOT WORK on the 1995 and 1996 hydraulic system engine configurations ! !

This timing belt has 146 teeth and it's the equivalent of a T265 belt in other competitive number systems. All of the above applications use the same timing belt but please be aware that some engine combinations have hydraulic tensioner systems which require the TS26265 kit shown above this one. Chrysler used absolutely no self control at all when building timing belt systems for these engines and you will not be able to tell which package is on your engine . . . . until you take it apart ! No, not even with an engine VIN code. . . . now, ain't that HI-TECH ?

If your system has the hydraulic tensioner, Chrysler and Mitsubishi dealers have "captured" the hydraulic tensioner adjuster and do not allow it to be sold on the aftermarket by the OE supplier. SO, if you would like to replace the original hydraulic tensioner system with this conversion system because of the outrageous price the guy at the OE parts counter just quoted you, consider this conversion kit as it will certainly save you some of your hard-earned bucks !
Important timing belt facts you should know!

Please note: severe engine damage can occur from simple errors. Installation should only be performed by a professional, certified technician !

Following is a quote from the product information sheet:

"Friction vs. Hvdraulic" 2.0 & 2.4 Chrysler Timing Belt Tensioners

Friction tensioners respond differently than hydraulic tensioners due to fluctuating belt loads as resonance points (belt flutter effects). While hydraulic tensioners pump the load up, mechanical tensioners do not. Therefore, when resonance (out of control vibration) is occurring the hydraulic systems tend to overload. At resonance, the relative difference in motion between the crank and cam causes a stretching and relaxing of the timing belt joining the two in motion. Mechanical tensioners respond to this resonance more favorable and without cautionary loads. Hydraulic tensioners respond in only one direction and causes the load to become excessive at certain RPMs more than others. The longer the timing belt span, the more likely the flutter (resonance) will occur.

On the back of this page you can see the data charted from actual running test engines with Mechanical vs. Hydraulic Tensioner systems. The charted data speaks for itself, a Mechanical Timing Belt Tensioner is better for the engine and timing Belt." (the link to that chart follows here)

Check out this comparison chart from the manufacturer
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Following are links to the install sheets that come with this kit. These "PDF" files will load using Adobe Acrobat Reader
if you have it installed on your computer and works best if you print each one to view them more clearly.

Installation Page 1 Installation Page 2 Installation Page 3 Installation Page 4 Installation Page 5


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