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Mitsubishi Engine Rebuilding Parts and Kits
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6G72 3.0 24V OHC V-6
Chrysler / Mitsubishi Parts

2000 - 03 Mitsubishi Eclipse VIN "H" or "L"
1999 - 03 Mitsubishi Galant VIN "H" or "L"
2001 - 03 Chrysler Sebring Coupe & Convertible VIN "H"
2001 - 05 Chrysler Stratus Coupe VIN "H"

Items available for this 24-valve Mitsubishi single cam (per head) engine are listed below and, by ordering only what you need, you can save some of your hard-earned cash.

If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me so you get what you want the first time.
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6G72 3.0 6G73 2.5 Mitsubishi Main Bearings Set
$37.90 $26.00 liquidationsale2x85.jpg
BC422J -ET
6G72 12V OHC
6G72 24V DOHC
6G72 24V SOHC
6G73 24V SOHC
Complete engine set of main bearings, including thrust bearings, from Enginetech, for above models of Chrysler and Mitsubishi engines. Made by King Bearings. (also fits G6AT G6CT Hyundai)

Select size desired:

4G63 4G64 6G72 6G74 Mitsubishi OHC Intake Valve
$8.95 $5.00 liquidationsale2x85.jpg
RV9550 -ITM (PV4511)
4G63 4G64 6G72 6G74 (all SOHC) Aftermarket intake valve from ITM Engine Components or Precision Engine Parts, priced each, order what you need.

4G63 4G64 6G72 6G73 6G74 Mitsubishi OHC Exhaust Valve
$9.96 $5.00 liquidationsale2x85.jpg
RX9549 -ITM (PV4512)
4G63 4G64 6G72 6G73 6G74 (all SOHC) Aftermarket exhaust valve from ITM Engine Components or Precision Engine Parts, priced each, order what you need.

Chrysler / Mitsubishi Rear Crank Seal Repair Sleeve
MS342 -MicroSleeve
Rear crank seal saver for many Chrysler and Mitsubishi applications. Add a new seal surface to that old crank and stop the oil leak!
(click on title to view applications)

Installation tool for this sleeve


Chrysler & Mitsubishi 4G93 6G72 6G74 Front Crank Seal Repair Sleeve
MS357 -MicroSleeve
4G93 1.8 Mitsubishi L-4 1992 -01
6G72 3.0 Chrysler V-6 1987 -01
6G72 3.0 Mitsubishi V-6 1988 -02
6G74 3.5 Mitsubishi V-6 1994 -01
Front crank seal saver for above applications. Add a new seal surface to that old crank and stop the oil leak!
Installation tool sold separately! [ click here ]


Gaskets and seals for this engine
are found on a different page because of the number of items available. Just look for the following button in the left margin at the top of this page =o)


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